Aug 21looking at you, facebook
May 27i still think you’re wrong, i’m just tired of talking about it
May 24i don’t know how to be vulnerable! what do?
Apr 5…said every young person ever
Feb 28we haven’t bought groceries, i need that pizza
Jan 31i should probably commit to one of those asymmetrical haircuts
Jan 18i’ve heard my to do list before…


Dec 31the answer, turns out, is clothing…
Nov 30maybe don’t be smug
Nov 9never…
Oct 9so much death
Oct 5… it was probably me
Sep 27yay! candy!
Sep 22we’re working on the technology, get back to reading
Sep 21come on already!
Aug 27maybe i grew up a little today
Aug 26shut up, baby, we all have things to deal with
Aug 11oh my god, it’s helping nothing!!!
May 31i’ve been tall this whole time, it’s only new for you
Apr 30i didn’t need another chore
Mar 7it really wasn’t
Feb 27you’re tricky
Feb 18it was just dirt
Jan 12i mean, you can get arrested… but i can get arrested at work too


Dec 29it’s pretty smelly for how fancy it is
Dec 21and i mean it
Dec 15i shouldn’t have eaten nachos last night…
Nov 30life is hard
Nov 3the pumpkins are gonna rot, but we can keep the streamers up forever
Oct 25check yourself
Oct 19and they shouldn’t be on display, where you can just look in at… oh…
Sep 30don’t you dare!!!
Sep 26this never works
Sep 21it’s probably both
Sep 18i’m kinda earning this!
Sep 5it’s actually a problem
Aug 31my car is giggling at me
Aug 19stuck in my head
Aug 18can’t think, smelling smells
Aug 6it’s all stuck in the cracks…
Jul 29it’s probably the best plan ever
Jul 14some people need to calm down
Jun 28hey… hi there
Jun 21i shall call you Mr. Webs
Jun 9hm… maybe
May 26i have issues with how time works…
May 18put a slice of lemon in a jug in the fridge!
May 14calm down audible…
May 4it’s a zero tolerance policy
Apr 30i don’t need any more stuff… and i don’t need more birthdays
Apr 25..but that’s not really better
Apr 16…that pile would be WAY bigger
Apr 12after that it’ll be snails
Apr 6let it go… again…
Apr 1you only get two back burners
Mar 29as kids, they get told more often to be nice…
Mar 24if you don’t spill, you don’t have to tell anyone you were asleep
Mar 17the best is being weird and loved
Mar 6no dessert until you finish your art
Feb 19the truth doesn’t need to shock…
Feb 16if there was a prize for being competitive, i’d totally win
Feb 10dry skin winter time!
Feb 7jesus looks like a pretty good musician
Feb 2damp!!!
Jan 24chips chips yum
Jan 19you gotta share your skills
Jan 13where is the paint?
Jan 11i’m gonna pout about it
Jan 6so… then i got flustered…
Jan 2your accent is awesome!


Dec 31lots of stuff is broken
Dec 30it’s watchtower… in that song…
Dec 22not the best choice
Dec 19good for you
Dec 15i gotta go take a carb nap
Dec 6good news, it is!
Dec 4don’t worry so much, i guess
Nov 30so, yeah… you should drive
Nov 22it’s about human nature
Nov 20it can be both…
Nov 17nodding is part of the game
Nov 15just another way i like to make things awkward
Nov 14so much wine!
Nov 13…right?
Nov 7he wants to go outside where the real things are
Nov 3so… be persistent! or stubborn, if you must
Oct 31it’s good to have a simple plan
Oct 28you have to shout it, like BRAIN PIE!!!
Oct 25…until I get hungry again
Oct 20but it doesn’t have to be!
Oct 17good pep talk boss…
Oct 15fast music, slow day…
Oct 13i thought you were going to ask a hard question…
Oct 10stupid fruit flies… you’re not the boss of me
Oct 5everyone thinks they are getting away with it
Oct 3we are not amused
Oct 1today i bummed myself out because I can’t time travel…
Sep 29i haven’t learned from every one of MY experiences…
Sep 25don’t corrrect me today, Trevor
Sep 22i’m at my computer but all i’m doing is looking at facebook…
Sep 19lemon drink, cough drops, more sleep…
Sep 5everyday i’m travelin’
Sep 3i’ve been reading scifi
Aug 31you don’t have to worry about my couth
Aug 27it ended up right back at my mouth
Aug 25have you seen what rock and roll does to hotel rooms?
Aug 21also, wasps are immortal, i’m pretty sure
Aug 19i don’t like it so far
Aug 14well, that’s no good…
Aug 12i just really needed to know WHAT TIME IS IT!!?!
Aug 10i just don’t want to chat
Aug 8you gotta stay on top of this stuff
Aug 4the true story was longer and boring
Aug 1it feels overdramatic
Jul 27looking at the floor is more predictable
Jul 23i mean, i do talk to you a lot
Jul 18holy crap, shut up!!!!
Jul 16but then i got the feeling they were cozy… so, it’s okay
Jul 13that’s really not how that works…
Jul 8winter is coming
Jul 6no
Jul 1it’s a hot day
Jun 26wake up gloomie, you got work to do
Jun 22good job avoiding the thinking about it
Jun 19you’ve got an imagination there, don’t you?
Jun 17he seems nice
Jun 13I wanted to share a picture of that…
Jun 7don’t boast about riddles
Jun 2Shakespeare is boss
May 31hint: it’s printing
May 28don’t worry about it
May 25this is one of those days
May 21aw, poor tough dad
May 19drunk walking time!
May 17argh! brain, what the hell?
May 15i meant it as a compliment
May 9i’m pretty sure you have to lead’em
May 8that’s the ball, it’s in your court
May 5we should have to walk out of the office to get more wine
May 3it’s a spade, let’s call it a spade
Apr 28it was such a nice dream
Apr 25why do i have to be so insecure about my savings!?!?
Apr 24…i’m a poet…
Apr 19don’t be in a relationship with this guy
Apr 16it’s just true
Apr 11you can bring water, but that’s it
Apr 9i don’t want them touching my face!
Apr 3i’d respect that
Mar 31there’s no convincing a nose it doesn’t smell something…
Mar 30insert personal pet peeve here
Mar 26i regret this decision
Mar 24the grass is always greener at other parties…;-)
Mar 22just force yourself to do it.. either way…
Mar 20if i had a prize, i’d give it to you
Mar 17get your green on!
Mar 14this gloomie’s in for a let down
Mar 12ears are weird.. so am i
Mar 7is there!?! IS THERE!!?!?!
Mar 6this isn’t over…
Mar 2you should know
Feb 29happy leap year day, everyone!
Feb 27i find it weird when facebook gets too real
Feb 24i sometimes get this entitled feeling
Feb 23step one is not lying
Feb 20it might be decaf…
Feb 17i’m a curious person
Feb 13for serious
Feb 10…so no, you haven’t looked into it yet…
Feb 7okay, made a comic, watched youtube a lot, what’s next?
Feb 3it might hurt more, in fact
Feb 1having perspective can be funny
Jan 25you can have it back when it’s your birthday
Jan 23…something got mixed up there…
Jan 21not cool, alarm clock, you’re bossy
Jan 17i might just be talking to myself
Jan 16it’s getting to be a long list…
Jan 12i’ll get those hammered out today or tomorrow…
Jan 7box… oh, box, what was in you?
Jan 5make me a dog-purse!
Jan 1face the new year… this afternoon!


Dec 30more things better explode or i’m out
Dec 22this is not a christmas comic
Dec 21you should know this by now
Dec 19that’s pretty dramatic
Dec 16let’s talk about something else now…
Dec 13you’re not a cop, are you?
Dec 10you’re smart, right? you’ll figure it out
Dec 6i call next hug!
Dec 3omnom nom nom…
Dec 1don’t clean my desk, that’s was my ‘to do’ pile
Nov 29you gotta do brain exercises
Nov 27i’m not rude… you’re rude… i’m trying to read…
Nov 19i also can’t turn on the tv…
Nov 16they just are, it’s like a magic power
Nov 15Movember - the ‘ask me about my face’ month
Nov 13maybe i can relax while i do something… maybe…
Nov 8okay brain, let’s try this again…
Nov 7until today! when i cleaned it! hurray!
Nov 1life’s already pretty much all over the place
Oct 29man… it’s not even 11am yet…
Oct 26…this happens to other people too, right?
Oct 22…because that would be awesome!
Oct 19aw, you better go nap
Oct 16I think you didn’t drink enough at that wedding…
Oct 14it’s very nice though…
Oct 12try using the buddy system!
Oct 7just do your thing, don’t talk about it so much
Oct 5go get more milk…
Oct 1i’d take everything personally, i bet
Sep 28running in the afternoon is still arbitrarily outside my comfort zone
Sep 25well, right now i’m against ‘em. this is a hard paper…
Sep 24you’re also a nerd if you’ve already started your costume
Sep 20i am NOT a bongo!!!
Sep 18you don’t have to listen if you have nice hair
Sep 15i mean if it was a good bottle, we’d do it right…
Sep 13you can do it! keep going!
Sep 11woot!
Sep 9oh man! I totally will!
Sep 8…or a pretzel maybe?
Sep 5hey, this gloomie has a nose!!!
Sep 4it’s unnecessary… and distracting…
Sep 3let’s count beer too!
Sep 1they make gestures more pointy
Aug 30…and it takes a couple tries to get it going
Aug 28that’s one reason to reach for them…
Aug 27you don’t want to eat hair, right?
Aug 24yep, it’s a twitter joke
Aug 23‘hate’ might be too strong, let’s go with frustration
Aug 20just hand it over, i won’t have to pry anything…
Aug 19now you gotta go buy a new camera…
Aug 17i know about how far that is!
Aug 12take a chill pill, call me in the morning
Aug 11panic attack!
Aug 9i think we’ll have mammoth risotto
Aug 8looking for truths is fun
Aug 7i’m not gonna tell you until you admit you’re angry about something
Jul 30just give it a minute, i’ll probably get it
Jul 27calm down, it’s my genetics now
Jul 25i have low blood sugar right now…
Jul 22stretch… whenever!
Jul 20stuff happens, smell it!
Jul 17i mean, i don’t think i can overstate how great we are
Jul 15oh well
Jul 12we all have island-like tendencies
Jul 7…and the whole world, in general
Jul 4watch out, your mind could be closing right now!
Jul 1maybe i’ll do some overtime tonight…
Jun 26in heaven, you can have all the caffeine you want
Jun 24everyone always does
Jun 20zombies don’t do chores
Jun 19i dunno what kinda pots and pans you got at your place…
Jun 16AAAARH!!!
Jun 11…helps with the independence
Jun 8thanks for the shaving effort…
Jun 6some perspective please
Jun 3you might have too much trust there…
Jun 1figure it out
May 23it doesn’t count is why
May 16you got lots to do
May 9all together now!
May 4talking in circles is fun and all…
May 3nice is never enough
May 2they tell you to aim high in school, right?
May 1it’s not gonna work if you keep talking
Apr 30it’s a real problam…
Apr 29it’s the thoughtful thing to do
Apr 28i’m growing and trying new things!
Apr 25seven delicious dollars
Apr 23…three hours later… the coffee’s cold again
Apr 11those crazy kids…
Apr 8you’re gonna have to trust me on this…
Apr 5let’s just go out for brunch…
Apr 3realize the truth, yes… change it? no
Apr 2cause and effect, dude
Mar 29watch out for the wiry fighters…
Mar 26i have a lot of things to do
Mar 25at least it’s not a competition though…
Mar 19you gotta eat your veggies
Mar 18love’s true all the time
Mar 13we’re still friends, right?
Mar 8if i focus on you guys, i’m not boring, right?
Mar 6the cold’s not so bad, eh?
Mar 3more spring! we need more spring!
Mar 1weren’t we supposed to study or something?
Feb 26well, i’m working on it…
Feb 25hope it was worth the effort
Feb 21…usually…
Feb 19there gonna get lost with out you!
Feb 16don’t litter!
Feb 14happy valentine’s day! try not to mess up!
Feb 12i don’t think that’s an ingredient…
Feb 11it’s like a nice long blink
Feb 10stuff to consider
Feb 8it’s so extreme!
Feb 6the word ‘nugget’ just screams deliciousness
Feb 4something to remember
Feb 1yeah, that’s also exciting
Jan 29then we’ll both have energy!
Jan 25but my drama is so interesting… to me!
Jan 23look at your foot, gloomie!
Jan 21we’ll keep him in our pockets…
Jan 18everyone’s invited… to look at my face!!!
Jan 15i’m taking a half day from reality
Jan 14yeah, i guess that’ll work
Jan 12that’s way better!
Jan 10we need three or four holidays for costumes, at least…
Jan 5cats eat birds, everyone knows it!
Jan 3maybe it’ll be awesome this year….
Jan 1happy 2011 everyone, it’s already happening!
Jan 1happy 2011 everyone, it’s already happening!


Dec 28maybe try not building a whole city…
Dec 20it’s like interesting frosting on a subpar cake
Dec 17don’t stress yourself out
Dec 12…that last sentence is redundant…
Dec 10there’s no escaping, you’re in december…
Dec 5our apartment is still pretty small
Nov 30…isn’t it kinda the job
Nov 28it’s important not to remember how bad winter was last year
Nov 24i’m just gonna do the things I wanna do today
Nov 17it’s just like in the childhood stories they told us
Nov 16it just keeps ticking by!
Nov 13no more assignments!!!
Nov 11it’s just another thing to worry about
Nov 8there’s a slightly different emphasis on responsibility…
Nov 7you tried real hard, and did a good job, congrats!
Nov 4now i need new bits interesting information to share!
Nov 1no more second helpings for you
Oct 31oh cat, you are adorable when you are puzzled
Oct 29and i’ve been buying pies like a sucker..
Oct 24i’ve sort of trained myself not to use the word cliché…
Oct 20it’s my flowcharts versus the chaos!
Oct 13this is going to be trouble…
Oct 8theories are interesting, but practical examples are useful
Oct 6i’m trapped with this conversation until my stop…
Oct 5embrace the ephemeral beauty of your carpets
Oct 1use the messages, man
Sep 23such a waste… i don’t want foot jam…
Sep 20you’ll have to wait until the next complaints day, which is scheduled for never
Sep 19get a professional!
Sep 17joggers find all the bodies…
Sep 13bad wife! give it back!
Sep 10i’ll just put “work on relaxing” on my to-do list, shall i?
Sep 6that’s reasonable then
Sep 3i didn’t really get fired
Aug 31stop having youtube parties over there!
Aug 24yum!
Aug 23iron helps make happy moods
Aug 22everybody doesn’t wear pants, i’m sure, even today
Aug 19i made ‘em sooo red!
Aug 17don’t ask stupid questions…
Aug 12it’s a very good kitten
Aug 8…i’ve never met either…both are fascinating…
Aug 1don’t toast the toasting substance…
Jul 28the wine didn’t help either…
Jul 26eavesdropping can be so embarrassing
Jul 19you’re only making it worse…
Jul 16chug, chug, chug… frustration!
Jul 12must floss IMMEDIATELY!
Jul 7swimming sluggishly in soupy sweat. icky imagery.
Jul 6so, i’m pretty much set
Jun 30more gloomies on the way! (now that wedding thing is out of the way…)
Jun 12dude!
Jun 4it’s like the hat is trying different looks…
May 21maybe I should do some stretches?
May 17i like people who have a natural ‘human’ look going on
May 6i wish i was getting a massage right now…
May 1i am completely addicted to podcasts
Apr 26when fruit is rotten, it is broken
Apr 20it’s either redundant, or not… both ideas are weird to consider…
Apr 13the onion has arrived
Apr 7don’t spook him, or he’ll retreat beneath one or both hoods…
Apr 5aw, i think it was a cream egg…
Mar 31it’s gonna be an adventure!
Mar 28so, shut up, you!
Mar 23remember, get yourself checked regularly and find out if you’re at risk
Mar 17don’t worry, i think lots of irish songs are in english…
Mar 14this isn’t the first time i’ve had to defend wicker
Mar 12this is not nearly enough information…
Mar 6so… give me a minute…
Feb 28we’re just going to have to fix our problems in real time
Feb 24so… they might try to seduce us before they attack… to blind us…
Feb 21someone is using a product
Feb 14shh, it’s all part of the dream
Feb 11flexing for comedy
Feb 6a healthy balance of pride and shame will clean this place!
Feb 4also, ‘gel is moo’
Feb 1also, ‘chirrup’ is an awesome word
Jan 30a time saving tip
Jan 28still not really a wizard
Jan 23yep, that sounds addictive…
Jan 21luck’s not all that logical though…
Jan 18…so cold
Jan 16my family were all raised tall, you know?
Jan 13it’s the thought that counts, always!
Jan 11the little chocolates sink into a sea of jellybeans
Jan 9they set the mood music to “simmer down”
Jan 5we buy the tasty, expensive stuff… like the weird cheeses…
Jan 2i’ll take a double furry pat with a chaser of being nipped


Dec 31new year’s cleaning: a great excuse to stay inside where it’s warm
Dec 30mmm… dinosaur meat…
Dec 25i hope everybody gets lots of christmas!
Dec 22we’re gonna need like, three or four more friends…
Dec 19now i need to go get a new pencil
Dec 16oh, the fine line of appropriate generosity…
Dec 13actually, i really like eggnog
Dec 10‘memorable’ shouldn’t be ‘disconcerting’
Dec 7‘indulging’ myself isn’t as precise a term for a spa day
Dec 1heavy gifts are intrinsically better
Nov 30pick a side, we’re at war here
Nov 27you keep telling yourself that
Nov 23too long, did not stay awake
Nov 22another practical purchase, i say
Nov 21you’ve gotta stop prescribing stuff to yourself
Nov 18mortals don’t get my sense humour…
Nov 16plans are plans
Nov 14a healthy diet and weight lifting!
Nov 13also, stop poking me on facebook
Nov 10help, i’m trapped!
Nov 5i know you can hear me out here…
Nov 2it’s not a good conversation starter
Nov 1oh no, the demons have been reading the internet
Oct 31or a cake, you could’ve made a cake
Oct 29oh, that’s a good team
Oct 27…was it a blonde girl?
Oct 26the credit card company’s just checking in…
Oct 24i might have had some pumpkin spice beer
Oct 22cubie still wishes he was taller
Oct 15practically…
Oct 13…very detailed also
Oct 9you have to appreciate the deadly things
Oct 8that’s not how you absorb a book
Oct 6best acknowledgment of guilt ever!
Oct 3look at ‘em go
Oct 2my cat must have a copy of this
Sep 30aw, i bummed myself out
Sep 29you know what to expect from a wall at least
Sep 25…for what it’s worth
Sep 24nobody messes with trains
Sep 22time to buy a new fish again
Sep 21you’ve woken me up and ruined my day
Sep 19…anywhere flat
Sep 18it’s also a bit alarming for pedestrians
Sep 17maybe practice on a quieter drum
Sep 13i’ll just pretend i know what to look for, i guess
Sep 12damn this subjective existence!!!
Sep 10okay, seriously now…
Sep 8i see you’ve been ill before
Sep 7you don’t even go outside
Sep 4i bought a new can and everything
Sep 3there will be salsa, beans… cheese and meat
Sep 1who are we talking to now?
Aug 31so, watch out for that…
Aug 27that would be a greater advantage
Aug 25generally, i like their music
Aug 24don’t hassle my ducks, dude
Aug 23lots of running for nothing, i say
Aug 21there are still so many more numbers…
Aug 19…they can be very painful…
Aug 15especially on the internet
Aug 14the popcorn helps you swallow the plot
Aug 13…it’s not comforting
Aug 11i bought an ice cream…
Aug 9either way, we have pictures…
Jul 29you tell ‘em
Jul 27i need more twigs… and a pine cone…
Jul 25aw… pun
Jul 23the GPS was no help…
Jul 21you’ve got to wait a little longer
Jul 17you’re being too general
Jul 16oh, zing!
Jul 13my imagination is making stuff up again… like it does
Jul 9i got nothing else…
Jul 8know your audience
Jul 6the time it takes to think is three dots…
Jul 3i can’t make dry commentary on the flow of conversation…
Jul 1totally different hinges
Jun 28don’t worry, it’s not so late… somewhere else…
Jun 27we’re gonna be rich!
Jun 23but it was totally worth it
Jun 20rolling stones are dangerous
Jun 19alright, time to plan a wedding!
Jun 16go volcano, go!
Jun 15my desk is too cluttered to keep this!
Jun 10the one eye is awake, so i got that going on…
Jun 9they seem to complain about the cold frequently…
Jun 7i want another slice of instant gratification!!!
Jun 4don’t fill up on heroes now
Jun 2socrates had the right idea, but i’m too tired to get into it
May 31what can ya do?
May 28also ’see what i’m dealing with’ doesn’t help
May 25i don’t even know what the darn lecture was about now
May 24i’m ready to go back to work
May 22where’s your toga?
May 20the party room doesn’t really have a party atmosphere
May 19let’s say sorry like responsible adults
May 17we’ll sort out instruments in the next meeting
May 16these are going on my shelf of awesome stuff
May 14time isn’t wasted when you’re tipsy or drunk but still conversational
May 9don’t be ashamed, gloomie
May 7don’t get me started on cherries
May 5i hope nothing bad happens
May 4i’m not just buying stuff, i’m collecting it
May 3please, just look at the picture…
Apr 29…i still haven’t asked them to change it…
Apr 28i bet deep space has all kinds of robots in there
Apr 27now my ears can get dressed up for parties
Apr 24little wheels, big sound
Apr 22what if some butterfly really pisses you off one day?
Apr 21like the area… or circumference…
Apr 20i mean, look how much bigger you are
Apr 16wrong move, gloomie
Apr 14the scrunchie is like a garnish
Apr 13it’s a classic
Apr 9maybe ‘do one thing a day that challenges you’
Apr 6i do not believe in chain letters
Apr 5come on guys, think about your ideas
Mar 30your process of reasoning is unreasonable
Mar 28i can’t wait till I can use this technology
Mar 26next week’s getting pretty booked up too…
Mar 24it’s okay i’ll just pinch it between my grown up fingers
Mar 23gloomie says ‘grr’ to false authority
Mar 20but i’m still going to keep making gloomies
Mar 18you’re just mad that you aren’t in any of ‘em
Mar 16trying to kill time is aggravating
Mar 15Youre Not doing to make it as an actor
Mar 14that was a gift
Mar 13also, try taking better care of yourself
Mar 10i’ve been conditioned to really really want that seat
Mar 8a common lament
Mar 6i’m retrofitting a pattern of silliness on you
Mar 5metaphors get taken literally far too often
Mar 4i almost misspelled awesomer, whew
Mar 1i just say stuff right usually
Feb 25someone always messes up
Feb 24…hopefully…
Feb 23i’m not risking the extra ten
Feb 13i’ll be back in a week!
Feb 10they’re at it again, now with more bass!
Feb 7how do i know this? who knows?
Feb 6chores need more shortcuts
Feb 3this’ll be a holiday when pigs fly
Feb 1one of the worst kinds of ‘freaked out’
Jan 29not the place to make new friends
Jan 26some facts don’t respond to popular opinion
Jan 25don’t hit the lab after the bar
Jan 22now i gotta go eat a field mouse
Jan 20it’s probably a big mess
Jan 19but i like to keep busy
Jan 16you guys do pay to go to class, right?
Jan 14it’s productively soothing
Jan 12you want me to curse your wedding?
Jan 11not necessarily, anyway
Jan 10why are you over there anyway?
Jan 7or i’ll hear it like ‘the War of 1812′
Jan 6it’s like a second stomach, i think
Jan 3ps: we missed you at christmas…
Jan 2…no… no, it is not


Dec 31there’s almost nothing new about tonight
Dec 29finally! a gadget for my gender
Dec 27the pursuit of feeling like one has knowledge
Dec 25why does the meal always have to be so big?
Dec 23i like my books
Dec 21oh well, i’ll keep plugging away
Dec 20and i have more
Dec 18oh, those christmas parties
Dec 17i have soooo much to do!
Dec 16bastards
Dec 14…if it’s not too much trouble
Dec 13they are both out there again…
Dec 11lecture at a bus stop… no escape
Dec 9bring me coffee and you will be spared
Dec 8i’m gonna need some details
Dec 7don’t let the cuteness fool you
Dec 6the tea guy is not amused
Dec 3…science is hard…
Dec 2new month, get your passes
Nov 30‘entertainment news’ still sounds too important
Nov 29so, you still have some finals?
Nov 27it’s snowball season…
Nov 26i told you i was coming in person, yesterday
Nov 23it’s in everything! even bottoms!
Nov 19i haven’t found the right pair yet!
Nov 18…there is a lot of staying up, usually followed by crashing…
Nov 16now i have to listen to my own thoughts…
Nov 15i can has instant gratificationz now?
Nov 14the words are so tiny
Nov 13i’ll expansion pack you…
Nov 10this talent is transferable, right?
Nov 9words are hard
Nov 7making flowcharts at work…
Nov 5get out of my head…
Nov 2if we’re careful, we might not have to learn anything about each other
Oct 31what’s your costume say about you?
Oct 29i hope it got some nutrition out of this
Oct 27grooves for everyone!
Oct 26if only
Oct 25thanks for existing!
Oct 23that’s all i got so far
Oct 22i might need more vitamin D…
Oct 20might even be allergies
Oct 19…you might be thinking of geology
Oct 18it’s a precarious situation…
Oct 16i’m okay with that, i guess
Oct 14the harvest season knows
Oct 10babies look similar
Oct 8like… post-secondary education
Oct 7i’m sick, but i’m working on it
Oct 5but i’m not gonna
Oct 3where did all these horses come from?
Oct 1sharp knives are for fancy chef-types
Sep 30that’s when you’ve made it
Sep 28making your own bow should be part of the ’sport’
Sep 27i’m so behind on some of this viral stuff
Sep 26Apple’s probably working on the technology…
Sep 25they’re connected
Sep 24opera… it’ll get ya
Sep 22what’s that all about?
Sep 21let’s sell some toys, people!
Sep 20that stuff’s in everything tasty
Sep 18looking good, but really bizzare…
Sep 17shut up, cat!
Sep 16science groupie!
Sep 14some people are qualified
Sep 12…because that’s the basic skill needed for this…
Sep 11just one big ol’ flying nightmare
Sep 10we knew this day was coming
Sep 8i’m holding nothing! but grudges…
Sep 7we’ve all heard of the freshman 15… coincidence?
Sep 6it could be anything!
Sep 4stupid laws of the universe
Sep 2do your parents know you bought that?
Sep 1this applies to several kinds of hats…
Aug 28this week: eat less, exercise more!
Aug 27not gonna name names
Aug 26the house wins forever!
Aug 25it’s about time
Aug 19so, you know, don’t bother
Aug 16they’re similar… when it comes to colour…
Aug 15good job, you got really close to that stuff
Aug 13they’re so squiggly
Aug 12visual aids are important
Aug 10…as an adjective
Aug 9go, go, go!!
Aug 8one more reason math is scary
Aug 2sign me up for that one
Aug 1so… i made a comic about it…
Jul 28it died once, it’ll do it again!
Jul 27my apartment would be jealous if it knew i was here
Jul 26oh, you mean my ‘me time’
Jul 24stand back, i say!
Jul 22well, i never!
Jul 21now i gotta clean the mirror again
Jul 20we’ll never know…
Jul 19all i’m saying is mine throws up too
Jul 17classing it up a bit
Jul 15please send help
Jul 14the sign needs a sign now
Jul 11…or it could backfire horribly…
Jul 10i don’t do predictable mug sayings
Jul 8aw, not again!
Jul 6i guess it must be for some
Jul 3i guess it’s similar
Jul 2yeah, that’s what i thought
Jun 25must buy in bulk… can’t resist the savings…
Jun 23ah! don’t listen to him!
Jun 20do you think bugs talk about us?
Jun 18just thought i’d share
Jun 16there, there, little gloomie
Jun 15how effective have you been today?
Jun 13what else could it be, right?
Jun 9you’ll need your strength!
Jun 8anyway, it’s not a contest
Jun 7yum, cake for me!
Jun 1they’d probably pick something without an ’s’
May 29how did this expression ever get off the ground?
May 28harsh stereotypes
May 26it’s not really a place like that
May 24just recently it’s gotten tough, right?
May 21iron gloomie
May 19the project was off to a rough start
May 16maybe something not so… important
May 14not a very helpful method
May 9cuz it’s on the other side of ten, you see
May 8profile picture… check!
Apr 29…maybe
Apr 27this happens a lot
Apr 26sugar rush!!!
Apr 21sure, now he’s sorry…
Apr 20no, that’s not what i mean
Apr 17that was all you had to do!
Apr 16i have a day job
Apr 13prey, pray… weird coincidence…
Apr 12also i get a buzz from positive feedback
Apr 10getting angry in the wrong direction
Apr 9fainting - still cool apparently
Apr 6i’m putting it out there
Apr 5just in case
Apr 2the army’s got to be way bigger
Apr 1now everyone roll a charisma check
Mar 31i know there won’t be, but what if?
Mar 29help! my metaphor’s become too elaborate!
Mar 28but she’s okay now
Mar 26figuratively stupid
Mar 24pretty impessive stats
Mar 18man, what was that thing?
Mar 12so we’re good now, right?
Mar 11so that’s how i feel about kids today
Mar 9come on, everyone’s doing it
Mar 7more research to follow
Mar 4i’m going to come back to why that’s wrong… anyone else?
Mar 1caught between a heavy rock and a hard place
Feb 27but it is rude if that’s your first move…
Feb 26maybe next time
Feb 24back from my ski trip, can you tell?
Feb 12time for another infusion
Feb 10you won because you were the drunkest
Feb 5fries, cheese and gravy… what could go wrong?
Feb 3yes… lobsters pinch… good observation
Jan 29i looked it up now…
Jan 27it just doesn’t sound sustainable
Jan 23oh no, he didn’t!
Jan 21also they are both fun, especially if you are drunk
Jan 19you’re not fooling anyone important
Jan 16ah, so that’s what’s cool to knit…
Jan 14their volume is set at ‘eviction’
Jan 12break out the vodka, it’s election time
Jan 7you are not the star of the group photo…
Jan 6…to name just a few
Jan 5lame strike gets a lame joke
Jan 2pushing words together is funtastic
Jan 1it’s all happening again!


Dec 31stress is love
Dec 16let’s just hope it never happens
Dec 15watch out!
Dec 13good luck with that…
Dec 8take the time
Dec 6they could be considered contradictory
Dec 2sarcasm about sarcasm
Nov 27stupid weird plant dream…
Nov 25this should work
Nov 24good name, lots of pressure
Nov 20man, there’s a lot of poems here…
Nov 18bringin’ it back!
Nov 12why aren’t you in one then?
Nov 11it might help
Nov 10and yet… no one minds
Nov 5a conversation about remodelling…
Nov 4man, that girl was an annoying stereotype
Nov 3oh well, he’s still pretty cool
Oct 30assembly required
Oct 27let’s organize our goals, shall we?
Oct 25if tv has taught us anything…
Oct 22well, it was a pretty okay joke
Oct 21i’m gonna start charging rent
Oct 20send me your demo in a couple months, we’ll talk
Oct 19so don’t worry
Oct 16troop numbers low?
Oct 14and the fights are cool
Oct 13how’s that work for you?
Oct 11some people are way too good at wiggling
Oct 9they cancel each other out and everything
Oct 3zzzzz…
Oct 1dalek in the machine
Sep 30for my busy lifestyle!
Sep 27remember to factor in the age of the driver
Sep 25stressful
Sep 23ridiculousness
Sep 21so, this is what we’re watching now, eh?
Sep 18you don’t have a cellphone, do you?
Sep 17no glory for you
Sep 16health levels low, system going into hibernation mode
Sep 10stick fight
Sep 9he’s on the case… mine…
Sep 6highlander gloomie needs to pack up leftovers
Sep 5i’m gonna put a tar pit by my desk
Sep 4oh, there they are
Aug 31less volume, more information
Aug 30…unfortunate…
Aug 28yay, clarity!
Aug 20it’s a design choice
Aug 15that was an awesome dream
Aug 13that’s supposed to be private…
Aug 1give it a few more minutes, you’ll get used to it!
Jul 29then it will be awesome
Jul 28it’s a memory device
Jul 27i have a crown… metaphorically
Jul 24today’s subject will be…
Jul 23he’s got no time for plates
Jul 22most of the time, anyway
Jul 21so watch out for that…
Jul 18feeling melted today…
Jul 17…and let’s try not to learn anything new…
Jul 15toasted gloomie!
Jul 13it’s distracting…
Jul 12look at him go!
Jul 9that’s my best move…
Jul 7seriously, try water
Jul 5smiley’s law
Jul 3everyone should play!
Jul 2why yes, i have… why do you ask?
Jun 26say it loudly and innocently
Jun 25not just for the kids
Jun 19…unless they are kidnapped… i guess
Jun 17alright! i’m up for that!
Jun 14he’s in there, like, twelve times
Jun 13i have no cats
Jun 12it’s just true
Jun 11i have new shoes… what’s your move?
Jun 9a one, a two, a one, two, three!
Jun 5i think he’s hurt guys…
Jun 3with more emphasis on the joy
Jun 2it’s suddenly interesting!
May 30he’s interrupting my bus thoughts
May 26everyone loves approval
May 25how’s that not normal?
May 24not trying at all
May 21dancing for Jesus!
May 19respect the silhouette
May 16does that count?
May 14why is that guy news?
May 13think of the debt…
May 9most likely
May 6Hugh Jackman would be up for it…
May 5whoohoo! old stuff!
May 3stupid saying…
Apr 30mix it up and say something positive
Apr 29good for you
Apr 28just stop making the announcement
Apr 27all done forever!
Apr 24i know it’s not a great plan…
Apr 21but, hey… keep trying…
Apr 19that’s the end of the house tour
Apr 18gloomie’s done thinking!
Apr 15must be what they’re going for…
Apr 13specifics are important
Apr 10hurray for the back up plan!
Apr 8oh what the hell…
Apr 7i give you life!
Apr 6you’re so sensitive…
Apr 4fingers crossed for something tropical
Apr 3yoga gloomie needs more peace, less smells
Apr 2the gloomie just wants to be asked
Mar 29stupid slow walkers
Mar 28watch for warning signs
Mar 25aw damn, now i gotta sew…
Mar 22ah! ah! thought attack!!!
Mar 19stupid mysterious thumping noise
Mar 18the day after drinking…
Mar 15hurray! i own this now!
Mar 14i can hear you from way over here
Mar 12come on man, just one more day…
Mar 9i love shiney things
Mar 8no worries
Mar 7think about it
Mar 5i’ll do it when i’m ready!
Feb 24gravity strikes again
Feb 22he’s coming for you
Feb 19aaarrrgghh!!!
Feb 17discounts are still delicious!
Feb 15it’s a widely applicable concept
Feb 14seriously, it’s a skill
Feb 12your loyalties are in question
Feb 10you can be real without being boring
Feb 9you can’t get punched on the internet
Feb 8oh, stop groaning, it’s awesome
Feb 2where did you learn that word?
Feb 1oh, you know i won’t!
Jan 28you are not a cowboy
Jan 27party, do it!
Jan 25down with pessimism!
Jan 24hm… what about wolverine?
Jan 23it tastes like evil
Jan 21your dog likes everyone
Jan 20cartoons are awesome
Jan 17where’d you get it?
Jan 15really, really bored
Jan 14okay, panic now!
Jan 13so, good job there
Jan 10i guess if enough people say it…
Jan 8oh, the flies… how they haunt me
Jan 7really now… seriously
Jan 6free money!!!
Jan 4frankie ‘two-fins’ mcbubbles, we hardly knew thee


Dec 31and stop not doing things
Dec 30ah, what might have been
Dec 29…as opposed to the supernatural
Dec 27one of the main flaws of the list system…
Dec 26a little pretentious, also
Dec 21a christmas thought
Dec 18nature music’s kinda spooky…
Dec 6oh man, i hope not
Dec 5rock the platitudes, rock them!
Dec 4stupid ogres
Dec 1thumbs up for you
Nov 30thanks reality, you bear the most important tidings
Nov 26yeah, it’s a good time to run
Nov 24don’t cry gloomie, keep it together
Nov 22oh, i see… burn
Nov 20no light bulbs for you, buddy
Nov 19that would be sweet
Nov 18it’s never time for prop comics
Nov 17but not so much in the eyes, i guess…
Nov 15it would’ve been cool if you’d left maybe ten minutes ago…
Nov 13’cause it’s an expression is why
Nov 10say it a thousand times, everyone
Nov 8the ninja theorem
Nov 7party in room 1-0-right-the-hell-next-to-mine
Nov 2aw great, now there’s worms everywhere
Nov 1but hyperbole is just the best thing ever!
Oct 31happy hallowe’en, everyone!
Oct 29hurray for geometry!
Oct 26good job, destructo
Oct 23this must get old
Oct 18this is something i actually said
Oct 16make sure it’s worth it, okay?
Oct 15honest irony
Oct 14in my humble opinion, of course
Oct 12oops, i’m a nerd!
Oct 10i was having a good day until that song came on… again…
Oct 3gloomie, wake up!
Oct 2how was that much chocolate a good idea?
Oct 1so, happy birthday, then
Sep 29must find cockroach… must test theory
Sep 27and the most abused song is…
Sep 26why dogs bark
Sep 24sometimes you can just tell
Sep 23your attitude frustrates me…
Sep 21it’s not even a bad thing…
Sep 20you just don’t have an answer
Sep 19…if it was done well
Sep 16sadly, no
Sep 13i remember the awesomeness
Sep 12oh, the rhythmic irony…
Sep 11but they’re plus ten delicious points
Sep 10your plan isn’t practical
Sep 8don’t fight the earth, it will win
Sep 7gloomie’s gonna be a rockstar!
Sep 6sugary yum!
Sep 5work starts too early
Aug 28such a tasty abomination
Aug 26it’s still better than the bus
Aug 22don’t be vague
Aug 15remember the box
Aug 14i wish things were more concise…
Aug 13i’m inviting a bunch of new ideas
Aug 12seriously, take one step back
Aug 11don’t do it, gloomie!
Aug 10this is often forgotten
Aug 9what a strange rabbit hole to get stuck in
Aug 8turtles are pretty lucky
Aug 5you aren’t being helpful
Aug 4these aren’t comfy
Aug 3for the sad lady feet everywhere
Aug 2thanks, talk radio, for pissing me off
Aug 1bad news for dreamers
Jul 31just don’t be a jerk about it
Jul 30yes, we get it, they are vague
Jul 29there’s always one
Jul 28smiley breaks it down again
Jul 27whatcha looking for, my friend?
Jul 26how do people get this job?
Jul 25good luck, gloomie
Jul 24this dinner isn’t over…
Jul 23yay! work’s over!
Jul 22hurry it up already!
Jul 21i bet a tribe would help
Jul 20oh monday…
Jul 19such a bad combination
Jul 18it’s a legal ceremony and you are not invited
Jul 17no spare change
Jul 16this goes for everyone!
Jul 15so much better, ultimately
Jul 14well, it was a bad idea
Jul 13i have too many receipts
Jul 12here he comes again
Jul 11…or maybe it is vampires
Jul 10thanks, history!
Jul 9you can never be too careful…
Jul 8it’s probable
Jul 7use ‘em!
Jul 6everyone’s doing it
Jul 5no emo allowed
Jul 4you… you missed the point
Jul 3poor drawing…